About GEM

Growing up by the seaside in the gorgeous city of Auckland, I have been blessed enough to be surrounded by an abundance of fresh produce, native birdsong and unpolluted ocean air. As a child, my father would take me for long walks through beautiful forests to watch the birds and fall in love with the crisp, cool New Zealand breeze. To grow up in such a beautiful, almost untouched environment has left me with a deep appreciation for nature and a strong interest in sustainable living.

Over the past four years, I have been on a long journey battling illness and have finally found the path to recovery through the healing properties of natural whole foods, both physically and mentally. Read more about my journey here.

Eating, thinking and moving in the way that I now do has allowed me to break free from the grips of ill health that had come to define me. I was severely malnourished, couldn't walk more than a few minutes at a time and spent months overall attached to machines in hospital. However, I was determined that life in a wheelchair wasn't something I would accept and so I went in search of the answer to what I was going through. As it turned out, the answer was nature. 

Recovering Raw began as a project about sharing with you what I have learned on my journey and how you can perhaps bring a little of that into your world too. Every day, my knowledge deepens and my passion grows even further. This has been an awesome food adventure for me and I hope you love it! 

Gem x

Gem McLeod About Recovering Raw