Gem McLeod About Recovering Raw
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i'm gem, nice to meet you.

I'm an avid writer, Natural Medicine student and long-time foodie.

Growing up by the seaside in the city of Auckland, I have been blessed enough to be surrounded by an abundance of fresh produce, birdsong and unpolluted ocean air. As a child, my father would take me for long walks through native forests to watch the birds and fall in love with New Zealand's beautiful, almost untouched land. This certainly left a mark on me, developing into a deep appreciation for nature and a strong interest in sustainable living.

Of course, it hasn't always been as perfect as it sounds - my teenage years were riddled with illness, and you can find my story here.

Recovering Raw began as a project about sharing with you what I have learned on my journey and how you can perhaps bring a little of that into your world too.