October Favourites

I've been loving sharing my favourite products and day to day activities with you guys through Instagram's new "stories" function. But it got me thinking - why not include my favourites with more in-depth detail each month in a blog post that won't disappear after 24 hours? It's crazy that its taken me this long to get onto this! I've really enjoyed putting this post together and I hope you find some fabulous new products to try.  

Dr Libby's Women's Wellness Wisdom

Why I love it: 
Dr. Libby is an incredibly insightful lady that I had the pleasure of working with in 2014. I picked up a copy of her latest book, Women's Wellness Wisdom, on a whim the other day and it is by far my favourite of her books so far. This beautiful, informative and interactive book is filled from cover to cover with exactly what you'd expect: wellness wisdom for women. 

Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil 

Why I love it: 
This deeply nourishing facial oil leaves my skin soft, supple, and gloriously luminous. It has replaced my evening moisturiser and I use it in the morning, too - the non-greasy finish works perfectly under makeup. Plus, it contains Manuka oil from our very own New Zealand! Manuka is well known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as helping with skin discolouration. 

Oasis Beauty Light Milk Cleanser

Why I love it: 
I am beyond excited that I have finally found a cleanser that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. This cleanser really does remove all makeup, has transformed my skin's texture and is made of all natural, recognisable ingredients including apricot kernel, avocado, calendula, hazelnut and lavender. As a bonus, this product is affordable and Oasis Beauty don't test on our furry friends!

Nude by Nature Mineral Mascara

Why I love it: 
This is the ONLY natural mascara I have found that works as well as regular mascara AND doesn't irritate my eyes. It stays put and perfectly defines, lengthens and thickens your lashes. I bought my tube from Farmers. 

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Why I love it: 
Lip scrubs are an incredibly valuable thing to add to your beauty routine, particularly as winter comes to a close (heaters really dry out your lips). This all natural, 7 ingredient lip scrub does just that and tastes pretty damn good, too. 

Greentrading Organic Neem Hair & Body Wash

Why I love it: 
I have been obsessed with this shampoo for a while now, largely due to the fact that I could hardly believe something with so few ingredients could work so well! It contains organic neem, jojoba, olive & coconut oils, aloe leaf juice, organic honey, water, potassium hydroxide and rosemary leaf extract. That's it! I use it to wash my hair but it's a body wash, too - the oils in the product aid with many common skin and scalp issues such as dandruff, acne, psoriasis, eczema and head lice. It is also rich in vitamin E to strengthen dry hair (like mine, which I subjected to bleach treatment in my early teenage years). Greentrading is 100% New Zealand owned, too, which I love. 

Inecto Naturals Marvellous Moisture Argan Conditioner

Why I love it: 
This product caught my eye while I was stocking up on natural skincare at Farmers recently. The ingredients list struck me as surprisingly short (10 ingredients), 90% of which are of natural origin. Plus it only costs $11.99 for a 500mL bottle, which is significantly less than similar naturally derived shampoos. The texture of this conditioner is fabulous and perfectly smoothes + detangles my fine, long hair. 

Eco Tan Invisible Tan

Why I love it: 
I've tried many natural tanning products and none of them stand up to this one. Eco Tan doesn't stain clothes or sheets, applies just like a moisturiser and always results in an even, natural tan. Plus, it smells lovely - win, win, win. 

True Honey Co 500+ MGO Manuka Honey

Why I love it: 
I have never tasted honey quite so delicious as this one, ever in my life. As it's quite pricey, this isn't a honey to spread on toast - I use it medicinally, a teaspoon at a time, generally in the form of a turmeric latte (which I blend in a high-speed blender until hot, rather than heating in a pan - in hopes of preserving most of the honey's medicinal properties). This honey comes in incredibly beautiful packaging, too, so would make a fabulous gift for the health-conscious person in your life. 

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Just so you know - this post is NOT sponsored and, as always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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