Authentic Brazilian Açaí Bowl

I'm super excited to share with you today a recipe given to me by the lovely Cristina from Pure Jungle Acai. Cristina is native to Brazil where the açaí berry is grown so this is truly as legit as it gets! The short ingredient list in this recipe really allows the beauty of the açaí to shine through - it's so awesome, you've got to try it! Pure Jungle Açaí really is the most delicious I have ever tried, so do try and get your hands on a pack.


History tells us that Brazilian natives discovered the healing properties of the açaí­ berry thousands of years ago, as they found that it boosted their energy when consumed regularly. Because of its extraordinarily high nutritional value, indigenous tribes also used acai to treat various illnesses and support a quick recovery. It has also been said to have sustained natives of the Amazon during times of famine!

Nowadays it can be found almost everywhere. Many people only consume it because it is seen as trendy, without understanding how powerful the berry actually is. Its combination of antioxidants, amino acids and omega fatty acids all help slow the ageing process by boosting immune and metabolic function, as well as through reducing destructive free radicals in our bodies. Not to mention that the açaí­ berry contains just about all the the vitamins and minerals found in most other fruits and packs in an impressive amount of protein for a berry.

This super-berry breakfast bowl is...

  • A hydrating start to the day, 
  • The perfect blank canvas for your açaí­ bowl masterpiece, 
  • Packed with nutrients, 
  • ... and the best açaí­ bowl you will ever eat.

Brazilian açaí­ Bowl

Make time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1

The Goods

  • 3 heaping tbsp Pure Jungle organic açaí­ powder
  • 12 ice cubes
  • 1 medium banana, sliced and frozen 
  • 1 tbsp pure organic maple syrup or raw honey
  • Water; just enough to get the ingredients blending but keep it thick and frosty!
  • Toppings: sliced mango, granola, berries, coconut, bee pollen, banana, chia seeds, goji berries...

The How To

  1. Blend all ingredients together in a blender until smooth, thick and creamy, scoop into a bowl and top with your favourite toppings.