Reishi Hot Chocolate

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It's the dead of winter here in New Zealand, but we've actually been pretty lucky with the weather so far (in Auckland, anyway). One thunderstorm, rain here and there and a few grey days, but we've generally been gifted beautiful winter sunshine, day in, day out. It has, however, been excruciatingly cold, which doesn't couple well with the fact that electricity prices have been at an all time high. So, no heaters for us - plenty of hot chocolate will have to suffice!

This recipe is a really simple one that you can whip up in 5 minutes flat from start to finish. I experimented with a few more intricate recipes before deciding that this one was the winner, and I've been drinking it every day (and most nights too) since. It's sweetened entirely with stevia, meaning this winter warmer is both low in overall sugars and low on the glycemic index. So go forth, hot chocolate lover - indulge to your heart's content. 


Reishi mushrooms are an adaptogen thought to have various heath-boosting effects. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to promote a sense of calm, centeredness and strength, regular consumption of reishi may also soothe allergies and raise immune function. Reishi pairs wonderfully in chocolate recipes but can also be used in soups and smoothies. Little and often is best with adaptogens, so half a teaspoon at a time is all you need.

adaptogen |aˈdaptədʒ(ə)n|
(in herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress.

This healing hot choccie is...

  • Warming and grounding, 
  • Immune enhancing, 
  • Energising,
  • ... and velvety smooth.


Make time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1


  • 250mL almond or coconut milk 
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 tsp reishi powder 
  • 2 tsp cacao powder 
  • Dash ceylon cinnamon 
  • Pinch Himalayan salt
  • 20 drops liquid stevia


  1. Bring the almond/coconut milk to a simmer in a saucepan over medium-high.
  2. Add the milk to a blender along with the remaining ingredients. 
  3. Blend for 30-60 seconds until frothy. 
  4. Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy!


  • I purchase this reishi powderthis ceylon cinnamon and this liquid stevia from iHerb. Use code BQH828 for 5% off your order. This post is not affiliated with iHerb, I am simply obsessed with them and thought you guys would like to know where I source these goodies from, as these are some of the best brands I've found.
  • For a soothing, non-stimulating bedtime version, use carob powder in place of cacao. This has the added benefit of providing some natural sweetness, so try reducing stevia to 15 drops when using carob.
reishi hot chocolate, latte, healthy, sugar free, vegan, dairy free, recipe, recovering raw

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