7 Ways to Make Healthy Snacking a Breeze

I get it - transitioning to a plant based diet can be hard. Especially if you're used to grabbing a coffee and a muffin during your work break or raiding the nearest vending machine for a bag of chips. So I've made it my mission to share with you my top ten ways to make plant based, nutrient dense snacking really convenient for you and especially delicious! 

healthy snacking recovering raw
  1. Have fresh produce chopped up and ready to go in the fridge at all times! 
    The idea behind this one is simple - if it's easy to access, you're more likely to choose something fresh and healthy over a bag of chips. Carrot sticks, watermelon wedges, red peppers, cucumbers, berries and celery are all great to have on standby. Have a bowl of homemade hummus or guacamole ready to dip veggies into and your snacking for the week is sorted. 
  2. Have ready-to-blend bags of smoothie ingredients in your freezer
    Put chopped up banana, some spinach and any other fruits or veggies you'd like into individual freezer bags ready for when you'd like to whip up a smoothie for a snack - simply add some plant-based milk and blend away. 
  3. Avoid the vending machine by preparing your own vitality bites in advance
    If your work, university or school has a canteen or vending machine around, it's likely you've fallen victim to the 3pm-I-need-sugar-now trap. Avoiding this is so easy - simply prepare a batch of vitality bites like these ones which contain spirulina to keep your blood sugar levels stable and munch on them on the go. 
  4. Make a super simple trail mix
    Collect up your favourite nuts and seeds, dried fruit, cacao nibs or chunks of raw chocolate, shake it up in a small jar and go! 
  5. Avocados, baby! 
    Avocados really are such a wonderfully satiating snack. Split in half and smash on toast or eat as is with a drizzle of lime and some seeds. 
  6. Natures fast food
    Lets not forget about the original fast food - fruit! Bananas, apples, grapes, pears… all are super portable and require no preparation at all. Bring some almond butter along too for dipping! 
  7. Keep it simple
    But seriously, snacking doesn't need to be a gourmet affair. When push comes to shove, grab a handful of your favourite nuts and chow down.  
healthy snacking recovering raw
healthy snacking recovering raw gem

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this recipe, so don't forget to comment, like and share! 

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